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The Private Placement Advantage

Private placement financings for natural resource stocks are often offered at a discount to the market price. That discount may be as high as 25% of the currently quoted price on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange.


In addition, investors often receive a half or even a full warrant as part of a private placement investment to reward them for providing cash to enable an issuer to finance its growth and development plans.


Warrants enable the holder to purchase additional shares at a fixed price for up to five years following the closing of a private placement. Holding warrants gives an investor the opportunity to benefit from the ongoing success of a company a second time at a guaranteed price and therefore increase the potential overall financial success of any investment.


On top, the Oreninc Mining Deal Club offers investors access to pre-IPO and private financing opportunities. The associated risks are obviously higher, but so are the rewards.


Why not take ADVANTAGE of that?



Our values and guarantees

Orening Mining Deal Club

Promise & Motivation

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club has a focus on providing access to QUALITY investment opportunities. For us, quality is not a hollow word. We are driven by the desire to provide accredited investors with ACCESS to high-quality, otherwise unobtainable deal flow.
Our industry renowned experts help us fulfill our promises. Together we pre-vet every deal before informing our club members about a potential opportunity.
Taking a close look at the geology, capital structure, management and many other relevant factors, a high number of deals gets dismissed very quickly.
Our goal is to provide OMDC members with opportunities that may help achieve long-term investment success.
We identify the opportunity, you decide whether you would participate or not.


Our Experts

Brent Cook

Expert Geologist

Brent Cook is an economic geologist and junior mining analyst with over 34 years of mining industry experience. For 20 years he worked as an independent consultant evaluating mineral projects for most of the major, and many junior mining companies.…

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Tim Oliver

Expert Engineer

Tim Oliver is a noted specialist in mine project development engineering and environmental management. Tim's 40 years of mining experience span all  stages of mining from exploration to closure. Tim gained his operating experience, starting in 1977, with producing companies…

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Paul Harris

Junior Mining Expert

Paul is a mining sector researcher, analyst and reporter with over 19 years experience in the mining sector and 14 years experience in Latin America. Paul has eight years experience in the Colombia gold sector working with junior explorers in…

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Kai Hoffmann

CEO Oreninc

Kai is the CEO of Oreninc and the founder of the Oreninc Mining Deal Club. Not venturing into other industries when the mining markets were in shambles, Kai focused on carving out a niche for himself. Running Soar Financial Partners,…

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Mining Deal Club Memberships

We offer an easy way to join our exclusive Mining Deal Club. Your membership offers access to our deal center where we showcase the deals and investment opportunities that we have carefully selected and invite our members to participate in.

The deal center also provides access to the short reports that we have put together with the help of our advisors. The goal is to give you a deeper insight into the private placement opportunities and inform you not just about the positives but also the negative aspects of a potential opportunity.

We alert our members via email and text message about deal openings and closings. By providing us with your cell phone number, you will receive instant alerts when a deal goes live. Since some deals will be restricted in size, this will give you a clear edge.

For the more risk-oriented investor, we invite you to participate in deals that we categorize as “higher risk, higher reward” opportunities. These can include shell investment ideas or invitations to participate in pre-IPO opportunities.

These opportunities do not cross our desks very often so GET YOUR ACCESS TO THE BEST MINING DEALS - NOW!

What you get
Email & text alerts when an opportunity becomes available
Access to the Deal Center – Overview of current & past opportunities
Screening of opportunities by our industry renowned experts
Bi-weekly newsletter with updates on past and current opportunities
Access to private placements of companies listed on the TSX & TSX-V
Pre-IPO Financings
„Friends & Family“-Rounds
Shell Opportunities
Maximum number of members 250
Waitlist Yes
12-month membership fee (automatic renewal)

C$ 2,995



Do you have any questions or problems becoming a member, contact us: contact@miningdealclub.com

Newsletter Signup

Sign up to our free newsletter and receive news, updates and the odd financing alert. However, only our members receive the name and exact deal information. Unsubscribing is painless.

About the Oreninc Mining Deal Club & Oreninc.com

Oreninc.com is North America’s leading provider of relevant financing information in the junior commodities space. Since 2011, the company has been keeping track of financings in the junior mining as well as oil and gas space. Logging all relevant deal and company information into its proprietary database, called the Oreninc Deal Log, Oreninc quickly became the go-to website in the mining financing space for investors, analysts, fund managers and company executives alike. In the late summer of 2017, the Oreninc Mining Deal Club was launched.

What is the Oreninc Mining Deal Club?

The Oreninc Mining Deal Club is a unique members club that offers investors access to private placements in the junior mining space. It is our mission to provide club members access to high-quality deals. Our in-house team and our experts vet every opportunity before it is presented in a comprehensive format to our club members. However, we do not provide individual investment advice and members are under no obligation to participate in the proposed deals. The information we provide is purely for informational purposes and is not intended to be investment advice.

How did we come up with the Deal Club?

The mining market is suffering from a lack of credibility. It is our intention to provide investors access to deals that our team and advisors deems of high quality. We screen the deals thoroughly before presenting them to our club members. Weeding out bad apples, we focus on deals that will help our investors achieve long-term financial success.

Who is behind the Oreninc Mining Deal Club?

The unique Oreninc Mining Deal Club is part of Oreninc.com and is being run by CEO Kai Hoffmann. Together with our industry renowned experts, we have unparalleled access to deal flow, a very wide knowledge base and management teams that seeks comparison in the mining space.